To arrange a burial, contact the Clerk at 616-677-3048 

Wright Township operates three cemeteries:  The Marne Cemetery located on the south side of Hayes St. between 16th Ave and State St;  The Wells Cemetery on Cleveland St. east of 16th Ave.; The Maple Hill Cemetery on 40th Ave. between Arthur St: and Cleveland St. behind the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  

​2011 Cemetery Rates

                                      RESIDENTS*        NON-RESIDENTS               

     Grave Purchase:                     $400                              $800

     Cremains:                               $200                              $400 

     Grave Transfers:                      $100                              $200                                

     Opening/Closing:   $450 regular vault  $500 oversize vault  $ 200 cremains

     Burial Rights Transfer Fee:  $25.00

     Setting of Foundations: 25 Cents per square inch. $75.00 minimum. Foundations in all Wright   Township cemeteries include a 2" border.

     Administrative Fee for Grave Opening and Closing and Setting of Foundations: $25.00

     Thaw Blanket: Actual Cost

     Snow Plowing:  Actual Cost

  * Residents are persons residing in or paying taxes to the Township of Wright.

Every earth interment shall be enclosed in a concrete box or a box of acceptable metal.  Fiberglass also acceptable.

Grave owners shall obtain authorization from the Township Board for grave transfers.

Cemetery Care Provided

The cemetery grounds are maintained by Wright Township Designee.  Wright Township staff does not water or fertilize the grounds.

Wright Township allows visitation from 8 a.m. to dusk.  Cemeteries are patrolled by the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

Burial Site Decoration

     (Decorations must be removed by October 15)


     Urns or metal baskets placed within one foot of headstone.
     Artificial flowers placed within one foot of the headstone.
Must be maintained or the Township has authority to remove.
        - Annual flowers planted within one foot of headstone

     --        Perennials
     Fences, railings, edging or walls
     Gravel, brick, stone or wood chips around headstone

     Under the direction of the Wright Township Board, Designee shall have the power to remove, and  
     dispose, from any lot, trees, branches, roots, shrubs or plants deemed offensive, unsightly, or   
     injurious to the appearance of the surrounding lots or grounds.  They shall have power 
     to remove any stone, monument, railing or other structures, which they deem improper or