New Ordinances

Wright Township has now adopted two new very important ordinances - a new Agriculture District Ordinance and a new Zoning Permit ordinance.

The Ag Ordinance has new rules for land divisions in the zone as well as the requirement that septic systems must be on the parcel they serve.

The new zoning permit ordinance requires that permanent structures in ALL districts that would normally not need a building permit either because they are too small or because they are for a strictly agricultural use, now need a zoning permit. The purpose of this permit is to insure compliance with the required set backs in each district and, in the case of the Ag district, to determine if the use is actually agricultural.

Please go to the "Ordinance" page to see full details.
New! Sign Ordinance added
The Sign Ordinance is now included in the Zoning Ordinance.under section 22.

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Be Prepared!

Effective immediately, voters are required by law to show valid Photo Identification prior to voting at all elections.   The Michigan Supreme Court ruled on July 18, 2007 that the law which requires voters to present photo identification in the polls when applying for a ballot is constitutional and enforceable.  It is very important that all voters have either their driver’s license or state issued photo ID when going to the polls.


By resolution, all voters in Ottawa County age 60 and over receive an application for an absentee ballot for all elections.   Not only is this convenient but keeps our voters informed of when an election is planned.

Soon, we will have “no reason” absentee ballots but currently one of the main reasons to request an absentee ballot is being out of the community.   You do not have to be out of the country or even the state - - if you are in the next neighborhood and if there is a possibility you might not get back in time, you can request an absentee ballot.   If work demands may possibly keep you away from the polls, you may request an absentee ballot.

Don’t take a chance on missing your right to vote - - request an absentee ballot.  It is as simple as a phone call to the Clerk’s office.   You can even request to be put on the permanent absentee ballot list and you will automatically receive an application for every election.